SDI Media To Be Acquired By Consortium Led By Imagica Robot Group

Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 19, 2015 – A consortium of Japanese companies has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SDI Media (SDI), a global market-leading localization company serving the media and entertainment industry.

The consortium acquiring SDI is led by Imagica Robot Holdings Inc. and includes the Cool Japan Fund and Sumitomo Corporation. The members of the consortium are engaged in a wide range of media and entertainment related businesses, including creative and post-production services, content production and acquisition, media distribution, TV channel operations, and imaging systems & digital video solutions.

By acquiring SDI, the consortium gains access to the world’s largest media dubbing and subtitling footprint spanning 40 markets in 37 countries. It also provides access to SDI’s significant technological capabilities and a list of blue-chip customers including Hollywood studios, international broadcasters, and leading media companies. By leveraging the joint capabilities of SDI and the other members of the consortium, post-acquisition offerings will include an extensive list of services to key segments, while also providing for the export and purposing of multi-language content, including content originated in Japan. No management or organizational changes are expected as of the close.

“We are very happy and proud to announce this acquisition”, said Walter Schonfeld, President & CEO of SDI Media. “The Consortium’s strategic vision provides SDI with the opportunity to continue our efforts to offer truly global localization services, and provides our clients with a more comprehensive solution to their content requirements. In addition, SDI’s involvement with a strategic acquirer provides an added level of stability and certainty to all our stakeholders.”

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Apple Approves SDI Media to Deliver Media Content Directly to iTunes

Los Angeles, CA, February 12, 2015 – SDI Media has been added to Apple’s short list of vendors approved to deliver media assets directly to iTunes. Direct delivery enables significant reductions in time-to‐market and increases accessibility for iTunes delivery workflows of audio, video, subtitle and metadata assets. SDI Media has been delivering content to Apple for the last four years and has been awarded this designation as a result of maintaining exceptional quality deliveries. As a direct-delivery vendor, SDI Media adds even greater workflow efficiencies to its global service offering, reinforcing their continued dedication to provide clients the most complete end‐to‐end localization solution in the industry.

“SDI Media is proud to be recognized and approved by Apple for the quality of our deliveries,” said Walter Schonfeld, Chief Executive Officer of SDI Media. “We continually strive to provide the greatest breadth of high quality localization services in the industry; with the added ability to deliver directly to iTunes we further strengthen our competitive advantage and assist in our client’s constant challenge of reducing time to market.”

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