Richard Andrews Appointed Companywide President of SDI Media

Los Angeles, CA, May 22, 2015 – SDI is pleased to announce that Richard Andrews has been appointed its new companywide President, a role in which he will be responsible for all aspects of SDI’s global business, reporting to SDI’s Board of Directors.  Richard joined SDI in late 2009, and since that time has served as a senior executive responsible for many of SDI’s most important initiatives.  Prior to SDI, Richard served as SVP/COO of Content Management at Ascent Media, President of Technicolor Creative Services, and President of Vidfilm International Digital.  Richard will begin to transition into this role immediately, with an effective date of August 1, 2015.

Richard has extensive experience in managing large international post production companies throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  His primary objective going forward will be to continue the expansion of SDI’s geographic footprint, technology offerings, and service sets thereby providing clients with continued benefits and capabilities as SDI helps drive the transformation of the localization marketplace. read more