SDI Media Expands Theatrical Servicing with New Dolby Atmos Suite in Italy


March 29, 2017, Rome, Italy – SDI Media, the world’s leading localisation provider, has announced the opening of its new custom built Dolby Atmos theatrical mixing suite in Rome, Italy, integrating the best audio experience in cinematographic listening. The addition of the new suite extends SDI Media’s Dolby-certified theatrical service offering to include 12 recording/mixing rooms across Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. SDI Media can provide content owners full service capabilities for the production of high-quality audio deliverables for local and global distribution of theatrical, home entertainment, OTT/VOD and broadcast content.

For this custom build, SDI Media partnered with Munro Acoustics, the world-renowned acoustic design consultancy, to design an ultra-modern suite that enhances the full potential of Dolby Atmos and its powerful moving sound technology. The end result is an innovative space where SDI Media can produce Italian or other-language soundtracks, with the fully immersive three-dimensional sound experience enabled by Dolby Atmos, allowing content owners and distributors the ability to offer audiences unmatched clarity, depth and richness of detail. read more

SDI Media to Localize Fox’s Harry in Multiple Languages For Same Day Release Across Asia

HONG KONG, March 13, 2017 – Fox Networks Group (FNG) Asia has selected SDI Media to localize popular American talk show, Harry, hosted by Harry Connick Jr. in multiple languages for distribution across Asia. SDI Media is creating same-day localized versions in both Mandarin and Thai languages for audiences across Asia to view the same episode aired earlier in the U.S. with quality translations and subtitles. Subtitled versions of Harry are now available to view across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand within a 24-hour timeline of the original airdate. read more

SDI Media Expands Services in Asia with New Fully Equipped Recording Studios in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan, March 7, 2017 – SDI Media, the world’s leading localization provider, announces the relocation and upgrade of its owned and operated dubbing studios in Taiwan. SDI has built another custom-designed facility to provide content producers and distributors the highest level of quality, capacity, and security for their global localization needs. The new fully equipped studios in Taipei boast multiple recording and mixing rooms for delivery of high-quality audio to broadcast outlets and digital platforms. In addition to the upgraded audio services, SDI Media Taiwan has also increased its capabilities for subtitling with dedicated in-house teams for translation, QC, and project management. SDI Media Taiwan can deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions for any media project. read more