SDI Media and GrayMeta Bring AI to the Entertainment Supply Chain

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 15, 2017 – SDI Media and GrayMeta have announced today a strategic, collaborative partnership to develop innovative, AI/machine learning solutions to enable the creation of intelligent metadata for the localization and distribution of media content.

The collaboration connects GrayMeta’s innovative approach to automated metadata solutions, with SDI Media’s expertise as the leading provider of localization services to content owners, broadcasters, and digital platforms around the world. Together, GrayMeta and SDI will evaluate and test new technologies, and explore opportunities for data mining and automation. The companies intend that their combined strengths will realize tangible benefits for entertainment and broadcast customers out of the conceptual promise of AI/machine learning.

“I am excited by GrayMeta’s ability to harness the very best thinking around AI technologies within the GrayMeta Platform,” said Scott Rose, Chief Technology Officer of SDI Media. “We know that good localization depends on talented language experts, and we are committed to automating tasks that do not truly require a creative (human) decision so that our people can focus on quality and we can improve time-to-market for our customers. This meeting-of-the-minds can accelerate SDI beyond what we are doing with our development of automation technology.” read more