SDI Media Rome

SDI Media Italy

Country Manager: Dario Bonucci

Via Privata Oslavia 17
Interno 4
20134 Milan, Italy

Viale Castrense 12
00182 Roma, Italy
Phone: +39 06 7023290

With the world’s largest network of owned and operated facilities spanning the Americas, Asia, and EMEA, SDI Media has the greatest breadth of operations in the industry. With a presence in 41 markets, in 37 countries, incorporating 150 recording rooms and over 85 mixing rooms, SDI’s global footprint provides the only one-stop media localization solution in the industry. With SDI’s global network of studios, you always have a local solution, with the technologies and technical expertise that comes from working with a global provider. For specific studio information in your territory, please follow the country specific links.


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