SDI Media Sweden

Country Manager: Anna Bolin

SDI Media Scandinavia AB
Greta Garbos väg 13, 4tr
169 40 Solna
Phone: +46 8 522 030 00

Operations Manager:
Cathrine Wyreson

SDI Media A/S Danmark filial Sverige
Greta Garbos väg 5
169 40 Solna
Phone: +46 8 470 48 00

With the world’s largest network of owned and operated facilities spanning the Americas, Asia, and EMEA, SDI Media has the greatest breadth of operations in the industry. With a presence in 41 markets, in 37 countries, incorporating 150 recording rooms and over 85 mixing rooms, SDI’s global footprint provides the only one-stop media localization solution in the industry. With SDI’s global network of studios, you always have a local solution, with the technologies and technical expertise that comes from working with a global provider. For specific studio information in your territory, please follow the country specific links.


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