Natalie Simms Appointed SDI Media CIO

LONDON, August 22, 2017 – SDI Media has announced the appointment of Natalie Simms as its new Chief Information Officer. In this role, Simms will lead all aspects of SDI Media’s global IT functions and play a key role in shaping technology strategy to support SDI’s next phase of technology innovation and growth solutions for quality localization of entertainment content that is faster, more transparent, and easily accessible.

Simms is a seasoned information technology executive with more than 20 years of international experience in various leadership positions at blue-chip companies. In former roles as CTO of Condé Nast International, CIO of international law firm Eversheds Sutherland, and CIO of Disney/ABC International Television Group, Simms successfully advanced the technology agenda of multinational companies by implementing innovative and transformational IT strategies. Simms also co-founded a groundbreaking Cloud/Software as a Service (SaaS) technology company, where she developed an innovative SaaS billing model for software subscriptions, IT infrastructure/hosting, services and support.

As the world’s leading provider of localization services to the media and entertainment industry, SDI Media will benefit greatly from Simms’ expertise in leading IT initiatives – including digital asset management, cloud-based systems and infrastructure, and analytics that streamline operations and fully integrate technology resources. read more Interviews

Q&A: Entertainment Localization Technologies

M&E Daily

By M&E Journal M&E Daily June 13, 2017
M&E Journal: Q&A: Entertainment Localization Technologies
By Scott Rose, CTO, SDI Media Group

Abstract: For years, the localization industry has witnessed significant advancements in technology designed to replace the human effort for voice, text, translation and timing. The fact is, for premium entertainment content, finding the benefit is often as elusive as it is inconsistent. Automation works best in a manufacturing model where the inputs, processes and outputs are repeatable. The localization workflow is repeatable, however the content in the container coming in the door is a random, noisy, one-off assortment of artistic choices. To effectively use these technologies, we must bake in artificial intelligence that analyzes on the fly, and fit scores not only what the content is, but what technology and workflow is most suitable, including what artistic constraints exist

From the outside looking in, the tasks for localizing premium content (series and movies) are fairly simple. For subtitling, you translate the dialog as timeline events that appear on the screen. For voice audio replacement (dubbing), you translate the text, bring actors into a studio to record the script timed to the dialog as lip-sync or voice over, and deliver like any other audio track.

If you are doing multi-language localization, it is common to transcribe the original language and create a template for translation. You may also need to represent text on screen as localized forced narratives or capture them in the dub. By and large, this is a human process with various systems to do the heavy lifting such as manage the process and resources, or create the deliverables. At a high level it looks like this. read more

Cezary Pazura – Dubbing Demo and Tour of SDI Media Poland

Polish actor, comedian, director, producer, and YouTube host Cezary Pazura (also known as “Uncle Czarek”) recently did a tour of SDI Media Poland and described a day in the life of a dubbing actor as he recorded lines for the Polish localized version of Pirates of the Caribbean!

Watch how the professional actor takes the audience through the daily tasks of being a voice actor! Follow Cezary and subscribe to his YouTube channel for other industry videos here!

NAB 2017: Content Security in the Era of Social Media no Easy Task

NAB 2017: Content Security in the Era of Social Media no Easy Task

LAS VEGAS — Before social media, about the worst way you could spoil a movie for other people was by revealing the ending while walking out of a theater, with others waiting in line to see it.

In an era of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the tiniest reveal has worldwide repercussions.

“Think about the impact of [spoilers] in on our social network world, from a few people in line to a global audience,” said Scott Rose, CTO of SDI Media, speaking April 24 during a Cybersecurity Pavilion presentation at the NAB Show. “People want to share their lives, what they’re working on, and the moment it’s out there, it’s too late, it’s in the universe.”

While content security has long focused on preventing leaks of the content itself, too often productions fail to account for the social media threat: people working on a movie or TV show are human beings like anyone else, and humans sure love to share their lives on social media. The smallest slip — a shot of a screenplay on Instagram, mentioning an unrevealed actor or character on Twitter, sharing a surprise film release on Facebook — can have a massive impact on the investment in marketing and distribution. read more

SDI Media Expands Theatrical Servicing with New Dolby Atmos Suite in Italy


March 29, 2017, Rome, Italy – SDI Media, the world’s leading localisation provider, has announced the opening of its new custom built Dolby Atmos theatrical mixing suite in Rome, Italy, integrating the best audio experience in cinematographic listening. The addition of the new suite extends SDI Media’s Dolby-certified theatrical service offering to include 12 recording/mixing rooms across Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. SDI Media can provide content owners full service capabilities for the production of high-quality audio deliverables for local and global distribution of theatrical, home entertainment, OTT/VOD and broadcast content.

For this custom build, SDI Media partnered with Munro Acoustics, the world-renowned acoustic design consultancy, to design an ultra-modern suite that enhances the full potential of Dolby Atmos and its powerful moving sound technology. The end result is an innovative space where SDI Media can produce Italian or other-language soundtracks, with the fully immersive three-dimensional sound experience enabled by Dolby Atmos, allowing content owners and distributors the ability to offer audiences unmatched clarity, depth and richness of detail. read more