Every year, thousands of hours of original content are created and distributed to broadcasters across the globe.  Many more thousands of hours of back catalog programming are repurposed for distribution.  All of this content needs to be either dubbed or subtitled accurately and quickly.

To meet the challenges associated with localizing content for the growing broadcast marketplace, SDI has assembled a talented team of experts to assist our clients in dubbing and subtitling thousands of hours annually into more than 80 languages.  A comprehensive suite of powerful tools and technologies that have evolved over the past 30 years supports this dedicated team of professionals, and the world’s largest network of owned and operated facilities which allows our clients to deliver large volumes of localized content in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Additionally, SDI has developed customized applications that facilitate tracking the entire production process.  These applications deliver meaningful cost savings for our clients and provide them with an easy way to monitor the progress of their jobs across multiple channels.
We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our talented people, our global facility footprint, and our suite of tools and technology.