Dubbing Services

We Provide Voice Over and Dubbing Services

SDI Media has over 30 years of experience providing dubbing and voice-over services to major media companies all over the world.

Here at SDI Media we pride ourselves on 3 elements with our dubbing services: casting vocal talent for voice overs whose voice type matches that of the actor on screen; precise lip-synching that completes the illusion; and script adaptation that faithfully captures the nuance of the source material. All of these elements combine for a true, ‘transcreated’ performance.

SDI Media provides dubbing and voice-over services in more than 50 languages for live-action and animated movies, broadcast series, documentaries, infomercials, and online video content. In addition, SDI Media also services video games, e-Learning software, corporate presentations, training videos, and product trailers.

Dubbing Services using Using Voices That Match
SDI Media maintains a comprehensive database of voice actors for dubbing services across all territories. We regularly recruit new talent to ensure our voice bank includes options for any voice demographic.  Our clients have access to our proprietary database to cast talent, track progress, access quality control reports, and oversee the status of projects.

Total Production Control
SDI Media provides a complete end-to-end solution for dubbing services. From script adaptation through casting, directing, recording and mixing, we provide one-stop, complete post-production voice-over services. With owned-and-operated dubbing facilities in 35 countries, SDI provides local, in-territory, project management with the added quality and technologies that come with a global provider.