Global Media Services

Global Media Services through Digital Media Localization

Global Media Services (GMS) is a production group within SDI Media that provides advanced digital content preparation and integration as a final component of a true end-to-end video localization offering. SDI can provide video localization services from initial script management, dubbing, subtitling, creation of deliverables, and specification management all the way through final delivery of high-quality A/V (integrated audio & video) assets to broadcasters and digital platforms.

Worldwide Digital Media Localization Preparation

Supported by an unparalleled global network of owned-and-operated facilities, SDI Media utilizes the Los Angeles headquarters and centralized hubs in Warsaw, Poland, and Manila, Philippines, to provide extensive global media services that include digital media localization. Each hub is a mirror in terms of technical policy, procedures, equipment, training and expertise to facilitate GMS workflows that are capable of transforming, packaging and delivering digital distribution content in any language to any broadcaster, VOD or internet distribution platform anywhere in the world.