In addition to meeting the localization requirements of media and entertainment companies all across the globe, SDI offers a comprehensive suite of services to a broad spectrum of other businesses.

With needs as diverse as the industries they serve, these clients have learned that SDI’s unparalleled global footprint and large staff of localization experts makes SDI an ideal partner to solve an array of language-related challenges.

Some examples include:

Moderation Services:
SDI provides tailored and timely moderation and monitoring services to some of the world’s biggest global brands for viral marketing campaigns, social media networks and user-generated content (UGC).

Our team of media-savvy language experts monitor chat rooms, discussion forums, and websites around the globe 24/7, protecting brands from unwanted associations, providing professional translation of UGC content and helping brand owners to engage customers worldwide.

Website Translation:
We can translate any text for any web-based file or platform, including HTML, Java and XML. We offer consultancy services to help you design and implement localized websites, providing guidance and linguistic testing every step of the way.

Corporate communications:
From product tutorials and e-Learning packages, to staff training, corporate communications and shareholder presentations, SDI can ensure seamless and cost-effective communications to all stakeholders.