About Us

With over 40 years experience providing dubbing, subtitling, and media services to the world’s biggest broadcasters, content creators, and distributors, SDI Media is the number one choice for language servicing. Supported by owned and operated studios in 24 countries, SDI Media provides local resources in territory to manage every type of project for broadcast, theatrical, digital and VOD platforms.


Fast. Easy. Transparent.

SDI Media provides clients with the most accessible end-to-end workflow for every type of localization project utilizing the largest network of facilities in the industry. Supported by our global network we have the ability to ramp up resources on demand and can deliver projects in the tightest of turnarounds, maintaining the same high quality you’d expect from a global leading provider.

SDI Media strives to give our clients the fastest solution, with the greatest amount of ease. We are one of the longest standing localization providers and have been involved in building and integrating, some of the industry’s most widely used standard practices. We take control of the project from start to finish, leaving our clients worry free along the way.

SDI Media provides customized workflows, specialized project managers and communication points along the project lifecycle keeping our clients informed, engaged, and always in control.