AppSuite SDI Media’s online dubbing approval tool

AppSuite is SDI Media’s online tool for clients, Directors, etc. to manage the various dubbing approval processes.

There are 4 key AppSuite modules:

  • Voice Casting Approval – what does it do (in 10 words or less)
  • Screener Approval – what does it do (in 10 words or less)
  • Dub Script Approval – what does it do (in 10 words or less)
  • Subtitle Approval – what does it do (in 10 words or less)

All AppSuite modules are available and can be managed from one dashboard. The dashboard allows complex search functions and filtering options, as well as progress bars with  on status of each project.

Voice Casting module

Offering fully automated upload, verification and voting process for optimal talent choice. The module includes the following options:

  • Custom channel configuration for comparison between talents and talents&org
  • Configurable number of revisions
  • 3 voting levels: Approved, Rejected, Keep
  • Request new talent option
  • Request new VTs option
  • Presets for project creation
  • Voice & song casting
  • Voice Test Kit & Voice sample workflows
  • Marking star talent
  • Project recast


Screener module

Online access to  screener materials for easy approval. Materials are encrypted and watermarked in the highest security standards.

  • Saves time in rendering screener files; enables easy access to view the content without transferring huge files. Avoids additional plugins or firewalls
  • Allows comments on localized audio and graphics, tracks all changes, even after the projects is completed
  • Allows centralized screener creation for multiple languages and flexible assignment of approvers in various approval methods along with schedulingr approval deadlines
  • The module allows a mixed approach of centralized/local screener management.
  • Materials are encrypted and watermarked. Download option disabled by default

No limits to size of the materials to be transferred, however the upload efficiency depends on the Internet connection

Dub Script Approval module

The task set up can be configured from the following tasks:Translation, Adaptation, Script Approval, As Rec Upload. Each task can be skipped or added, depending on the workflow. The module is integrated with the T3 tool dedicated for translation.

Additional features include:

  • Highlighting terms
  • Script – Video synchronization
  • Editing and commenting options
  • Highlighting changes in the edited Target Script
  • Bookmarking options
  • Filtering of Commented, Edited and Bookmarked lines
  • History of changes: Each line has its changelog, and each version can be easily restored
  • Metadata approval

Subtitle Approval module

Allows you to make edits and add comments on a subtitle file.

The features are very similar to the ones of the script approval with addition of displaying the subtitle file over the video. This module is available only in single approval structure.