SDI Media’s Konrad Drzymala talks about our suite of dubbing approval tools


Konrad Drzymala, Product owner of Appsuite at SDI Media explains how Appsuite improves the client approval experience throughout the various stages of localization – from voice casting to translated scripts, screeners and subtitles.   He talks about the current offering, and gives a taster of what’s to come.

AppSuite is SDI Media’s online platform that manages the end-to-end approval process for all localized content. It is a cloud-native application hosted on Amazon Web Services which gives it an immediate and resilient global reach. Appsuite was designed to be a modular, intuitive, fast, flexible, and highly secure ecosystem, based on our experience from previous generations of approval tools, and client-specific workflows.

Who uses it?

SDI Project Managers, Clients, Dubbing Studios, Directors, Creative Approvers

4 key AppSuite modules:

  • Voice Casting Approval– manages the entire casting process from Voice Test Kit uploads to decision reporting
  • Screener Approval– provides a secure method to stream fully localized screeners and provide workspace for timed comments
  • Dub Script Approval– allows approvers to review translations, comment, make tracked changes in sync with video
  • Subtitle Approval– allows full editing and track changes of subtitle translations


Common Dashboard for all Modules

All AppSuite modules can be managed from a single dashboard which also serves as the “brain” of the web-based platform. Common features such as user authentication, notifications, profiles and workflow are handled by the dashboard and each user gets their own personalized view. It also allows complex search functions and filtering options that can be saved for later by the user as custom filters. It gives the user the ability to track each project status with a progress bar. Each project allows one-click access to an activity log, tracking the history of all events relating to a particular job.


Purpose Built Approval Modules

  • Each model is a uniquely designed workspace that provides the following features: 
    • Flexible approval structures:as many or as few approvers as needed
    • Access to historical castings/screeners/approved translations
    • Customizable set of notifications
    • Multilanguage setup and management
    • On-screen watermarking during streaming
    • Visual ID watermarking (user name) on downloaded assets
    • Invisible forensic watermarking on downloaded assets (upon request)

Appsuite modules are currently onboarded at over 40 dubbing studios globally. The list includes not only SDI Owned & Operated studios, but also a growing number of partner studios. The architecture supports quick and easy onboarding of additional resources and is ready for expansion globally.


Voice Casting Module


The Casting Module offers fully automated upload, verification and voting process for optimal talent choice. The module includes the following options:

  • Custom channel configuration for voice comparisons between voice talents and the original
  • Configurable number of revisions
  • 3 voting levels: Approved, Rejected, Keep
  • Request new talent option
  • Request new voice test clips
  • Presets for project creation
  • Voice & song casting
  • Voice Test Kit & Voice sample workflows
  • Marking star talent
  • Project recast


Screener Module

The Screener Module provides online access to audio and picture localized assets for approval. Key features include:

  • Allows comments on localized audio and graphics, tracks all changes, even after the projects is completed
  • Supports SDI’s XML parsing for translated script syncing, as well as PDF
  • Saves time in rendering screener files; enables easy access to view the content without transferring large files. Avoids additional plugins or firewalls
  • Allows centralized screener creation for multiple languages and flexible assignment of approvers in various approval methods along with scheduling approval deadlines
  • The module allows a mixed approach of centralized/local screener management

Materials are encrypted and watermarked. Download option disabled by default

No limits to size of the materials to be transferred, however the upload efficiency depends on the Internet connection

Dub Script Module

Dub Script Module’s workflow can be configured to include the following tasks: Translation, Adaptation, Script Approval, As Recorded Script Upload. Each task can be skipped or added, depending on the requirements of the project. Other features include:

  • Integration with SDI’s T3 script translation tool
  • Terminology highlighting for term identification and brand management
  • Script to Video synchronization
  • Editing and commenting options
  • Highlighting changes in the edited Target Script
  • Bookmarking options
  • Filtering of Commented, Edited and Bookmarked lines
  • History of changes: Each line has its change log, and each version can be easily restored
  • Metadata (synopsis) approval
  • System exports approved script in the target studios desired format

Subtitle Approval

Subtitle Approval Module allows clients to make edits and add comments on each subtitle event.

The features are very similar to the Script Approval with addition of displaying the subtitle file over the video. This module is available only in single approval structure. Additional features include:

  • Fully integrated with Atlas subtitle production system
  • System exports a change list that can be imported into GTS subtitling tool


Coming Next for AppSuite

Stay tuned for updates on Appsuite, including:

  • Terminology and Descriptive Metadata Approval
  • Screener module and Voice casting enhancements (e.g. ability to select 2ndchoice in Voice Casting module, screener versioning and possibility to switch between supplied versions of a screener, and listen to original vs. localized audio tracks in Screener module)
  • Link with Voice library to allow storing and viewing voice talent history in Voice Casting module
  • Extending user- customized shortcut options to all modules to enhance the user experience
  • Mobile version of Voice Casting approval module as an enhancement to the current responsive web design
  • Support of multiple AWS regions (US, EU, Asia) for even faster upload and streaming of content worldwide