COVID-19 Update

SDI Media has 34 owned and operated locations globally, so we are closely monitoring how each specific country is being impacted by the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Our strong presence in Asia means that we have been following the spread of the virus since the onset, and have been taking the necessary precautions with our China, Korea, and Hong Kong offices.Our primary concern is for the safety of our employees, freelance dubbing staff, freelance translators and being responsible in the communities in which we work.  We are following all local government directives.

In Italy dubbing work is impacted due to the government restrictions. We are anticipating there may be other “Italy” situations in the coming days in Europe. In those cases we are planning on how to expedite projects that are near completion and then focusing on how to prioritize and schedule the work when the restrictions end.

All subtitling work continues as normal.

For subtitling, our software and secure IT infrastructure means that our back-office teams can work effectively from home, and have been doing so in adherence to each local government instruction.  Additionally, since almost all translations are completed using our network of 7000 freelance translators working from home, there will be no impact from any travel restrictions.   Therefore, the virus has not impacted our ability to deliver files.

For dubbing, it is more challenging.  In the impacted countries we are taking the recommended steps which include disinfecting equipment every time a new voice actor comes to the room, maintaining general cleanliness and making hand sanitizer readily available.  In Hong Kong some actors have been recording while wearing face masks without significantly compromising recording quality and we are in communication with our specific customers about this.   Where restrictions are in place on physical travel, we may be able to divert recording to other studios (either owned by us or 3rd party), but that is dependent on the availability of capable talent.

We are currently exploring the use of remote recording solutions that would allow recording from home.  We need to assess the practicality of these given our typical cast size, security concerns, and acoustic quality.

Finally, we have the largest network of mixing rooms in the industry, so we can mix centrally in un-affected areas and this should not materially impact our clients’ productions. If for some reason we cannot dub in time for a required due date, we can offer voice over, or subtitles as a short-term solution.

For file ingest and delivery, we largely utilize our hubs in Warsaw, Los Angles and Manila. Additionally, some other offices have smaller ingest & delivery capability.  Our hope is that this redundancy in our hubs will allow us to remain operational.

Above all

We are encouraging an open dialogue with our clients to help prioritize their productions and we are doing what we can to move specific projects to the front of the queue. Any specific questions or concerns can be sent direct to any SDI contact or to