IMAGICA SDI Studio completes the Trusted Partner Network’s (TPN) assessment process

IMAGICA SDI Studio (ISS) is a new Japanese dubbing facility that opened in Tokyo in February 2020. In its first six months of operation, ISS has successfully delivered Japanese dubbing services to multiple international television series and feature film producers, along with Japanese audio creation services to Japanese animation creators.

ISS is pleased to announce that they have undertaken and completed the Trusted Partner Network’s (TPN) assessment process. The cybersecurity assessment is undertaken in accordance with the content security standards set out by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA). The MPA and CDSA are the two governing Media and Entertainment Industry organizations advocating the innovative and secure delivery, processing, handling and storage of entertainment-based content.

ISS has prioritized the development of its high-security content management, processing and control environments to ensure the facility and its workflows meet the rigorous security standards set out by both the MPA and CDSA. ISS has benefited from the extensive experience of both IMAGICA Lab and SDI Media during the assessment process. IMAGICA Lab and twenty out of all SDI Media owned and operated dubbing studios including all production hubs and all regions, have already been assessed by the TPN with the remainder in progress. As such, ISS has deployed the highest tier cybersecurity environment in the Japanese post-production industry.