Produb, The New App Connecting Dubbing Community Professionals

Introducing Produb, the world’s first app for foreign language dubbing community professionals, has just been launched for the Polish dubbing market.


Warsaw, Poland, January 17, 2019 – Produb, the world’s first app for foreign language dubbing community professionals, has just been launched for the Polish dubbing market. It is powered by SDI Media and will soon be launched in other markets. The new, revolutionary platform provides direct access to a large media production marketplace, enabling users to find work opportunities, manage auditions, and showcase their talents. Produb provides a new opportunity for discovering talent, guarantees fair treatment, ensures long term planning certainty, and creates a living community through a network of dubbing industry professionals.

This is a private community for dubbing professionals. New members will be required to download the app and qualify for membership before enrollment. Following the qualification process, members will have access to job opportunities, VIP industry events, seminars, additional training and other professional services. Members will also be able to invite qualified colleagues to apply for membership and join the community.

“The language localization industry has enjoyed healthy growth in recent years, increasing the demand for a greater pool of talented actors and directors. To address this demand, we have created an easy to use tool that should simplify the booking process and make it more transparent to all,” said Alberto Abisso, EVP of SDI Europe. “Our smartphone-based app allows every dubbing professional to go through the same qualification process and gain access to productions that closely match their skills. Utilizing Produb, members will have the freedom to choose which productions to work on based on skill, preference, and availability.”

Designed for dubbing production professionals across all departments, Produb features opportunities for Voice Actors, as well as Directors, Editors, Engineers, and other recording professionals. In addition to job recruitment, Produb enables members to manage production calendars and receive industry updates. Members will receive notifications when new projects are available, scheduled auditions have been added, or breaking industry news is announced.

Produb provides a new marketplace for dubbing professionals and productions that require a specific skill set. As localization providers continue to face challenges in fulfilling the demand for creative talent, Produb augments the existing booking methods. As the community continues to grow, more talent becomes available, resources are managed more efficiently, thus reducing the recruitment timeframe and tightening production turnaround times.

Produb is currently available for download on iOS and Google Play in Poland only and will launch in additional markets this year. To receive notifications of future releases and availability please visit and sign up for the newsletter.

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