SDI Technology group offers insight to DPP for Industry report

The technologists at SDI Media have been working with the DPP on their latest report examining what media companies need to do to be set for success in a world of constant, rapid and unpredictable change. The latest DPP report, “Content Preparation – Building and Agile Media Factory”, examines the success factors for companies in content preparation – the part of the supply chain that covers processes from the moment content is delivered to a media company to the moment it leaves to be distributed to consumers or stored for later use.

The DPP consulted widely across the media industry, including SDI Media, and came up with six success factors required to design tomorrow’s content preparation processes:

  • Executive alignment to agility
  • Teams distributed in hubs
  • Detailed understanding of costs
  • Centralized and accessible assets
  • Machine friendly processes
  • Visibility between customer and supplier

Alexis Martinez, VP Global Solutions Architecture, Research & Innovation at SDI Media, said: “The six success factors certainly ring true for SDI Media, particularly the visibility between customer and supplier. We try to be fast, easy and transparent with our clients. As a result, there is much greater interest for collaboration. It makes a big difference with how we work with our clients – it’s collaborative, adding a new layer to an existing partnership. We currently have seven integrations with clients underway at the moment. It is daunting at first being transparent about everything with clients, but the inevitable outcome is that clients trust we will get the job done with the quality required.”