SDI Media Featured in Slator Magazine Interview with A+E’s Jan-Hendrik Hein

SDI Media was recently featured in Slator Magazine’s interview with Jan-Hendrik Hein, Director of Media Operations at A+E Networks UK. In the interview Hein mentioned SDI Media’s involvement in their localization workflow and the positive impact they have seen as a result of integration.

As A+E’s biggest language vendor for dubbing and subtitling in EMEA, SDI Media’s work order system has optimized the company’s localization workflow and eliminated troublesome challenges of the past.

Asked about their localization tool ecosystem, Hein said they used MediaGenix’s WhatsOn channel management system, WincapsQ4 subtitling software from Screen Subtitling for QC, and Broadcast Associates’ QLIK bespoke business intelligence tool. The company’s biggest language vendor for dubbing and subtitling in EMEA is SDI Media.

Hein also praised SDI Media’s efforts saying, “This has all been very positive for the company: the integration between Whats’On, CMS, and SDI’s work order systems has been most impactful. All premieres that are scheduled on our channels create a work order that is automatically sent to SDI. In return, SDI updates our CMS when source content is received and at key stages as the localization progresses.” The integration between platforms “allows us to monitor and report on live data against the actual schedules rather than using separate Excel trackers or email inquiries. As a result, there is less room for human error and less missed localization orders that in the past resulted in rush charges or even schedule changes. The team is freed up to focus on exceptions and localization quality.”

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